One Hour Sound Healing Sessions


Our one hour healing sessions combine the sounds and vibrations of both Tibetan singing bowls and gongs and are designed for individuals or couples. Relax comfortably on either a massage table or comfortable mat, in close proximity to our deeply vibratory healing bowls and gongs. You may also experience the sensations of singing bowls placed directly on the body, where the resonant sounds are felt deeply within.


Individual Healing Session                    $80


Couples/Friends Healing Session       $140



Group Sound Baths


Enjoy our services in a larger setting, indoors or outdoors, where multiple attendees can experience the emanations from a larger array of Tibetan bowls and gongs. Typically conducted with comfortable mats distributed on the floor, guests can also sit upright in comfortable chairs to enjoy the sound bath.

Ideally for:


  • Retreat or Group meditation


  • Anniversary or birthday parties


  • Corporate team building


  • Wine tasting events


  • Any other occasion

We also cater to the health and sports sector, including hospitals, retirement communities, yoga centers and martial art studios. Do you have an idea for a sound bath? Let us know!


Fees vary depending on group size, duration, location, and travel time, and we welcome the opportunity to work with event planners. Call us for details.

Trade Show and Fair Services


Sound Taste — First timers will enjoy our Sound Taste, where you experience a brief but transformative sampling of the best we have to offer while seated upright or in a massage chair and surrounded by the vibrations of bowls and gongs. We often incorporate a large Tibetan foot bowl into our Sound Taste session as an extra treat.


Mini Healing Session — Similar to our Sound Taste, but for a longer duration and with the added experience of healing bowls placed directly on the body. This 10 minute sound session will leave you utterly relaxed and blissful. If you happen to catch us at a trade show or fair, be sure to try a Mini Healing Session!

We are Sound Healer Practitioners certified from Master Teacher Suren Shrestha at Atma Buti Sound and Vibration School in Boulder, CO, accredited by the state of Colorado.


Individual Sound Healing Session


Mini Sound Healing Session